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If you usually work with your computer you will have realized that copy and paste option is sometimes short because you only have one copy in the clipboard.

Thanks to 101 Clips, that limitation is over, because it allows you to have up to 30 elements copied in the clipboard, no matter if they are files, text or screen captures.

It is very easy to use and it doesn’t consume resources. You only have to run and minimize 101 clips, then, each time you copy an element to the clipboard, it saves the copy one after other, and when it’s time to paste, you only have to click on 101 clips and you will be able to select the copied element you want to paste, and don’t worry if don’t remember which one was the requested, because it shows you a preview of all copied elements just positioning the cursor on them.

All this can be done with both the keyboard or the mouse.
By Laura Del Pino

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